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The hassle-free way to get your business online.

Single-page website

Lifetime Website Deal

One-Time Payment

Built-for-you website
1 Page with up to 5 sections
Free managed web hosting
Free subdomain
Logo PNG file
Personalized website design & text content
Mobile optimized
Relevant website images and photos
Easy to use editor
Premium design
Free SSL certificate ($97 value)
Keyword-optimized copy text content
Images + video gallery
Pssst! Need more? We make bigger sites too.

The Process

Here’s our 4 simple steps to get your website set up and launched


Complete the Mockup Form by clicking the button above and our web designers will create a website mockup for your new website.

That means you'll get a preview of what your new website will look like before you order!
Step 1


After the mockup is approved, we'll reach out and ask questions that give us a more thorough description of your business.
Step 2


Your new website will begin to be built by our team of developers and copywriters and fill your site with relevant content.
Step 3


We will launch your professional website and show you how to easily edit your new website. What a simple process!
Step 4

Done-for-you service

From website development to content writing, our committed staff is in charge of taking care of everything for you.

Free SSL certificate

This keeps user data secure, verifies ownership of the website, prevents attackers, and gain trust from search engines like Google.

Free subdomain

Use our free domains to get your site up and running or connect your own if you already have one.

Free web hosting forever

We provide managed free hosting within the Google Cloud servers forever. No monthly fees.

Scalable website

All websites are built using WordPress + Elementor. This means you can edit and expand your site in the future!


No logo? No problem! Our team will create a logo that matches your brand or improve your current one.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our service.

In the fast-paced digital world, startups need to make a strong impression quickly with limited resources. Some benefits of a single page website include: focused quality content, easy to manage, faster load times, and ease of navigation. Read more about why you should consider a single-page website on our blog post, The Power Of Simplicity: Why Startups Should Consider A One-Page Website.

Yup, our one-time payment deal is too good and it sounds crazy. But it is true; we provide this reasonably priced solution to enable small businesses to compete online with large brands (and their enormous budgets). No hidden fees, everything in the deal is included.

Yes, the one-time payment deal includes free web hosting and server maintenance from our team. You are also able to use an existing domain that you own and we’ll connect it for you. Note that all domains we provide are subdomains of “”.

We are not a self-service website builder like Godaddy, Wix, or Shopify. Your website will be built by our team for you in under two weeks. You won’t need to invest hours selecting widgets for your website, changing layout, and navigating a challenging website design tool. The copy text content won’t need to be written by you. We handle everything for you fast so that your company is online in just two weeks and at a significantly lower cost than it would be with an agency.

Of course! All of our websites are built using Elementor. Elementor makes it easy to edit the content of your website without having to write a single code. All you have to do is log in to the admin panel of your site! From there, you will be able to change copy, update prices, images, colors, fonts, and a lot more.


In the past, small businesses have reached out to us for a website that won’t break the bank. We have developed this solution for them and although real people will create your website, our staff has a lot of tech assistance. Because of this, we can create unique websites for companies all over the world in under two weeks.

Yes and no. We use a set of template designs to build our customer websites. These are versatile and are premium designed. To guarantee that your website is unique and based on the materials (pictures, videos, goods) and information you supply us after making payment, be assured that real people are involved at every stage of the process. As a result, your website will be unique from the other websites we develop.

After filling out the business questionnaire, please allow our team up to 14 days to deliver. You will get an email directly from us about your website information once it is ready!

Need a bigger site?

Or can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Send a message to our experts.

Step 1: Mockup Form
What is a mockup?

A website “mockup” is a way of showing how a website will look like before it is actually built. It is like a sketch or a picture of the website, with the colors, fonts, images, and layout that the website will have. A website mockup can help you to see if you like the design of the website.